In my ever growing quest for excellent techno, I came across this Tin Man track, “Nonneo”, remixed by Donato Dozzy. It’s instantly addictive, minimal, danceable techno and I have had it on repeat for the past 24 hours. Then I found this video, created by The 29 Nov Films, a very prolific duo with over 400 films. (Granted, they all seem to be made with found footage and old movies, but still..)

When I first saw the video, I actually couldn’t tell if it was old footage or a new film made with an old camera. I rarely find that found footage movies work with music on a more than aesthetic level. It’s like watching a live VJ at a club; the DJ is making art separately from the visuals but they come together to delight the senses. It’s always awkward to stare at the VJ’s screen for too long because there is really no depth to it and the eyes eventually get tired of the fast movements and talking yet silent heads. Whereas even with my ADD rattled mind, I couldn’t take my eyes away from this music video. Perhaps it’s because the track and the film footage are both so vague and creepy that they multiply and overlap each other to create something whole, meaningful and extra creepy. I love it… Enjoy!