Been working hard on a new wedding video lately and… almost done! It looks great so far and has a super cute and fluffy track on it: “Love” by Matt White, which the bride and groom picked out. Editing videos is usually a long and tedious process of watching all my clips over and over, selecting the good and cutting the bad. I’ll usually spend a good 15 hours on this part for a 3-5 min. wedding video so it’s essential to my sanity that I’m not listening to the same song over and over and over. So what better to pair with a super happy, super fluffy wedding video than some dark droning Italian techno? The answer is… nothing! I’m totally hooked on Giorgio Gigli and Obtane’s new mix for Resident Advisor. It’s just really truly so good. It’s currently a retired podcast on RA’s website, but I found it here for the enjoyment of all. And for some reason I have a whole slew of artists that I’m currently really into who just so happen to also be from Italy (I”ll write about them during the next wedding video editing event). Could it be that Italians just do it darker?